Oxymoron - Fuck The Nineties... Here's Our NoizeFUCK THE NINETIES... HERE'S OUR NOIZE


There's violence coming up, trouble on the streets
Gang are talking over, but where will this lead?
Do you care for their frustration, no you don't!
The kids have no relation to your mode

The same like back '76
Bored & full of violence
Can't you see in fact what's going on
It startet off in '77
When the kids got up together
Discipline gets nowhere but to hatred

Yellow press rack their brains over who's to blame
Ain't the message obvious, what do you mean?
Or is all the increasing outrage just a joke?
But how to come your prisons are packed, ain't this odd?

There's writtings on the wall and broken panes
The youth don't put up with your silly games
Do you care for their frustations, no you don't!
The kids have no relations to you more


It's the same old game but you can't keep up
Your mouth is gonna cry but they wanna keep it shut
What do you expect in this back-down age?
Spit our mate and vent to your rage
The scene is set for marching up
There's no way back and forward there's a concrete gap
You won't get out if you smash your head against the wall
So stand your ground and you ain't gonna fall

You're just another faction - Oh wake up
Sick of the situation - Oh wake up

The course you're trying is a vacant lot
One day soon you will end up with a shot
As a member of the dead-end youth
You're sick of the games they're gonna play on you

Don't let them kick in your head
Or grind you down
Don't let them kick in your head
Spit out, give vent to your rage
And trust nobody
Spit out, give vent to your rage

It's the same old game but you can't keep up
Your mouth is gonna cry but they wanna keep it shut
What do you expect in this back-down age?
Spit our mate and vent to your rage


There's boiling masses on the dole
The same came off some years ago
What a prospect for my country
So give you hope and let us be

Join the queue, you know the rest...
I'm fed up with this, want something else
Give the finger to this country
And listen well t owhat I say

HEY, HEY, I wanna have some fun
HEY, HEY, cause I've been bored too long
HEY, HEY, I'm gonna fell so great
When I'm skint and out tonight


Down in the town in the stinky clubs,
I'm pissed near a collapse but I won't stop,
My hair is dyed, I'm complete flop
But I can take it, man!
I was raised as a son who should get on
But what has become of me, their son?
I'm Oi-possessed and like my way,
What has become of me?
What has become of me?

I wanna be a DIRTY PUNK, studs & chains and leather braces
I wanna be a DIRTY PUNK
You wanna be a DIRTY PUNK, do live fast and sod their phrases
You wanna be a DIRTY PUNK

Now heading for the welfare
'Run down' is what you say
Just watch me when I run amuck
And try to hide from me
I never really cared 'bout what they throught
I won't give in'til I pig out
'cause I won't end up like my dad
It's sheer conformity
It's sheer conformity


There's FUCKERS every where
There's FUCKERS every where
It's them who make me sneer
It's them who make me sneer

I got no money so I went begging
They told me t ogo away
'cause lazy dogs like me should all be gassed
Was all they said
But once when I was looking out for a job
They eyed me mockingly
I was not the one they were out for the guy excused
Sent home again

In the streets you meet them everyday
You need your own defense
But people still are worrying why I sneer
They'll never understand
At school and work they pulled you down
With fucked up politics
The same bunch constitutes ou goverment
I hope they'll pay


Now you're in the jam
Hold your head between your hands
Clench your fist to keep your ground
In a war that can't be won

Banned to the borstal - Now you're cmered
Banned to the borstal - You're disordered
Banned to the borstal - Now you're locked away
.... like buried

Cry, you have no choice
Punishment at any price
You submit to what the wankers say
Just to live another day

Open your eyes and you'll see
You're just a toy of the schemes
Open your eyes and you'll see
They try to prevent that you're free

Now they let you down
And you feel you are all alone
Just the dreams of yesterday
Help you stand another day


Down in the OXYFACTORY,
Mould and shattered glass you see,
Safety-dresses ain't of use,
The air is tense of blaring noise

Down in the OXYFACTORY - Sound is made for you and me
Down in the OXYFACTORY - howling sound and ecstasy

Won't close it or cutt off power,
Due to public nuisance prattle


In the tube a gang in black
Purple stubble and tiger strap
They make a stink, some get freaked out
By the volume of the mohican sound
And down the tunned in a crew
A girl is dancing to MOHICAN TUNES
And at the gig the air is tense
Cause MOHICAN TUNES blow up their brains

Chorus: (2x)
Play the fuckin' MOHICAN TUNES

And down the tunned in a crew
A girl is dancing to MOHICAN TUNES
And at the gig the air is tense
A sheer fit hits the audience
Switch it on and play it loud
Listen to the wildest sound
A filthy mob hangs round the place
Filth and leather, pins and chains


A glaring plague warned of peril
The city's lying in exhalation
All people killed by dioxine
Radioactive contamination
Poisonous crap where ever you glance
You can't avoid to be affected
Poisonous crap inside of their heads
Drive 'em into fucked up actions

Poison all yourselves you body
Poison all yourselves
Poison all yourselves you body
Poison all yourselves
There's poison in the air
It's gonna be a state affair
There's poison everywhere
Beware, poisonous outside

A punky band is prodding oproar
Beware of their poisonous slogans
They spill their hatred, just look out there
The youth gots spoild by vandalism
Every page another lie,
It's propaganda and deception
To poison-poison-poison you brain
And let them keep on pulling the strings


The dealer said I looked sad and bored
And I should taste of his novel drug
He gave me a small free sample
Then I blew up the powder in my veins
There's no way back,
There's no way out
I've got to hear these voices shout
Passers-by frown, but I piss on that
My face distorts into a masquerade
There's no way back,
There's no way out
I've got to hear piercing voices shout

DRUG SHOCK - I have to bleed
DRUG SHOCK - I can't escape
DRUG SHOCK - It's getting me down
DRUG SHOCK - Ain't good for you
DRUG SHOCK - What can I do?
DRUG SHOCK - It's fagging me out

The glassy stare's fading in my eyes
But I never could be rid of the vice
There's no way back, I can't break out
I've got to hear piercing voices shout


Ruling class, we don't need you
All goverments out, don't need no leader
We had a lot of systems - they all failed
All warlords have been wrecked by their own wargames

Get up, get up, need no rules
To degrade me as a fool
I know best what I decide to choose
Sod it, sod it, what they say
I can't believe it anyway
You know best what's really good for you

All parties promise a brighter future
Don't let them plant you on illusions
There's no future if they do remain strong
Your rule, SELFRULE, that's the way, come on!

Anarchy - SELFRULE
Can't you see it's up to you


Face this - The missile's on the way
Crisis - Will the bomb be dropped today?
Last war - To end the bloodymess
Danger - It's you the real menace

With all their foes they're doing away
We are all in this - hey hey hey
No one dares to talk aloud
'bout the real imminent crisis
The gruesome leaders are counting their bombs
Blow them straight up your arse
There's no cover in the case of war
Come on, drop it!

Sirens - Sirens in the heat
Fighting - On your TV screen

The secret bases are alarmed,
The troops are on the alert
The counter attack is set on foot
Depends on a single word
With all their foes they're doing away,
And all enclosed have to die
There's no cover in the case of war


Watch out - For the news today,
Fallout over Israel

The bomb has struck in morningtime,
A shelter won't be of use
A few survived to waste away,
but they'le never know the cause

In the burnt out cities


We're standing in a pub, got nothing else to do
A bottle in the hand, we knocked back yet a few
When everybody was pissed, there wasn't left a dime
The blame was on the beer, that's flowing really fine

Now now now - Out of order
Now now now - Beyond the border
Now now now - Now we're on the way
DAWN PATROL - Fuckin' wasted
DAWN PATROL - We don't please them
DAWN PATROL - We roam 'til the dawn is gonna come

Then everything went wrong, we blame it on the beer
The bouncers caught us up to throw us out of here
A member of the gang was crashing on the floor
Because he tried to kick the bouncer in the balls

When on the city's border the night is coming on
And all the people do withdraw into their secure homes
Then on the city's border we're going on patrol
We're setting out, go underground, to the avoided zone

They really beat us up, but we're kicking back
And in the end I said 'you're rotten in the head
We made off fast but not for a long time yet back from home
Because there were a lot of places left to roam


He was a gutterboy, dwelled in different places
Lost his parental home for he got the sack
He never got on well with their expectations
Found with an overdose in a public lav

Chorus: (3x)
Blame our society that destroyed him

He was a criminal in other people's eyes
And spent many hours alone staring in the dark
Though for him nothing made a sense at all this ain't been his destination
He was a lonely boy and always on the run


Chorus: (12x)

When the bastards take you up at the station questions hole into your head
They wanna name you detailed information while they're treating you like shit

When you got the boot at home, get dresses up give 'em bollocks, crop your hair
And when they try to rip you off in the classroom just refuse it to go there


See E.P. Beware, Poisonous!

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