One Way System - Give Us A Future / Just Another HeroGIVE US A FUTURE / JUST ANOTHER HERO


One more year and nothing's changed
Government Policies still the same
The future's bleak and lifes a bore
So what the fuck are we living for

Give us a future don't you let us down
Give us a future show us some concern
Give us a future don't you watch us drown
Give us a future or we will put you down

Government schemes a waste of time
Don't pretend to be a friend of mine
You want my vote and tell me lies
Then all I get is victimised

Promises and bullshit is all I hear
Living in danger, not in fear
Won't get my vote, thats for sure
Don't come knocking on my door


A deal of pain he's taken
A pretty price he's paid
Got to join the forces
No need to be afraid
Good old times have gone now
He has to make a try
A shame to human nature
Country makes him fight or die

Just another hero
With roses on his grave
Just another hero
That Jesus could have saved
Just another hero
Drowning in his fears
Just another hero
But Maggie has no tears

He was a criminal
With handcuffs on his wrists
But now they make him a hero
To fight with guns not fists
Three million is a problem
So they say the army's fair
Because the nameless government
Could'nt even care

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