Le retour au moyen age est bientot arrivé
Dans l'accroissement du chomage et de la pauvreté

Notre belle revolution est morte, le pognon l'a vaincue
Mais putain d'merde nous on est la on l'attend dans la rue
La corruption est si forte qu'elle passe inapercue
Mais putain qu'est ce qu'on attend jetons ces trous du cul

La devise du pays nous parle d'egalité
Qu'elle soit sociale ou judiciaire je n'vois pas où elle est

C'est si facile pour l'etat le peuple est cloisonné
Les gens ne sortent pas de chez eux scotchés sur leurs télés
Ce sera plus dur avec moi j'aime tant me sentir libre
Je n'suis pas punk pour l'apparat rien ne pourra me faire changer

Quand prendrez vous conscience de notre surconsommation ?
Quand deciderez vous de stopper toutes les pollutions ?

C'est si facile pour l'état d'embaucher les flics
Qui defendent un systeme pourri, nous plongent dans la repression
C'est si facile pour l'état d'instaurer la panique
En pretextant des attentas, il faut rassurer la nation

Si on est défoncés c'est parce que votre monde nous fait chier
Guerres et chomage aux nouvelles c'est pas ca qui nous
Fera bander, alors messieurs les politiciens n'ayez pas l'air
Si etonnés si une partie de la jeunesse a bien fini par attraper "la peur" du systeme... 


Justice is a danger in your hands
How can you lock up nippers in
Just for a little con
You can't smash a child's life
Ruin his mind for ever

Take a look a these kids, alone in jail
They're fourteen years
Take a look at these kids, they could be your sons
They're fourteen years
You get madness in their mind

More delinquancy, suburbs in confusion
Generation of hate
Youth disgust, can't you give any solutions ?


We live in violence
Reality shows image if war on TV
Human disaster
So many reason for decadence of youth 


It's forbidden
I don't give a fuck
'Cos I enjoy cannabis
I'm addicted to it
And every day I need my bang
And I smoke it, smoke it, smoke it
I like it so
THC's on my mind
I never have enough

Smoke it
Get stoned in the street
And pass by people
Find my mates
To get dipped into
Smokin' weed or what ever hash
That's what I need
I'm addicted...

Interdiction, prohibition
Narcotics are on our backs
That's the way we have to live
Just 'cos we smoke
This fucking stuff
But we use it, blow it, smoke it
We like it so
Get rid of the god damn cops
Legalize, that's what we want !


Hey my friend, give up this crap, are you crazy ?
Don't fall into the fucking pit
State dealers, dealing
To make cash on your back

Do you wanna live
With a fucking sering stuck in your arm ?
Do you wanna die
With insane blood implanted in your mind ?

I'm with you, don't worry, you're not alone
Substitutes drugs are fucking lies
Medecine is using it
Run to get your suicide organised


Hey my friend, give up this crap, are you crazy ?
You're not alone, don't worry, I'm with you
Come with me, you will see it's easy
Get out of the fucking pit !
Get out of the fucking shit ! 


In everywhere there are so many struggles
And we in Brittany, we gotta face ours
Nothing's done for youngsters at the time
The with Euskadi, we're up to change that

Looking at the troubles
Just believe in together
United with us
Just looking forward for better days
Looking at troubles
Believe it together
United with us
It's time for us go another way

How many Bretons got jailed
Just for having sheltered oppressed people
How many families are destroyed
And seeing that, hate's getting me


We're not terrorists but we may
We're actually suporting Euskadi
I ain't no part of your national flag
Black Anarchy is what I believe in


I'm out of sight of state control
I want to break you down
I'm not scared of your police control
I want to break you down now 

Power talk about a social spring
But they just sale some dream
I can't trust'em
They don't live wit hthe skint people
Who live without a goal
Who votes for'em
When I pass by a rich man in the street
I wanna ask him if he knows 'bout my life
He can't get it
He's just looking at my fucking face
He's the conformity, he's just what I hate
In the system

Where are you ?
I'm waiting for you
It's time to contest
Look all these riches
they look like pigs
It's time to fight that

Now it's time for our opposition
For a punk revolution
To say no !
Now it's time to stop being sheeps
And walk to be free
Let's go !
When I take a look around me
I can see the swindle of society
We can say no !
Come with us we have to rob the rich
Be united against stupidity
Let's go !


Fight it's time, fight their lies x4

Some days we would see all workers for the street
To prohibit power, destroy fascist regim
some day we'll see a mass of people united
And I support this cause for our equality

Now it's time for our opposition
For a punk revolution
To say no !
Now it's time to stop being sheeps
And walk to be free
So let's go !

Fight it's time, fight their lies x4 


Our money world is rotten
taxes getting us down
Our money world is rotten
Swindle is all around

Dirty money
Fucking power
Bloody greeders
Don't let them grind you down

Working class poverty
And with the poor no mercy
Upper class people enrichment
Being rich so easy


Political business is worthy
Don't vote the bastards
If you wanna live your life like lightning
Don't trust all the bastards



My neighbouthood is all on panic
Fire brigade and cops are on duty
The order day, the butcher had become sick
He had made a slaughterry

The butcher has killed my neighbours
Fuckin fuckin fuckin butcher
the butcher has killed my neighbours
he was right because they were some wankers

Now I'm quiet, I'm happy
Without neighbours and their fuckin' rules
Now the block is all mine
And I can do a bloody row


The butcher is locked in
And this story's morality
If you want to live in peace
Move to the country



All the time we've to live
In danger zone
Nuclear's everywhere
Ecology is down
We will die
A final big bang

Toxic, nuclear warfare, they call that dissuasion
Since 45 they've made two thousand explosions
If you don't want to see your nation devastated and burned
Stop to trust united nations, they're just a lure

Do you want to look at
Your child's death throws in terrible pain
The army wants to destroy you
Do you want to live ?
Do you want to live like that ?
Take a look at Tchernobyl and all these bad ways
They just want to destroy the human race

Toxis, chemical warfare, we can stop this con
Fight the nuclear age chemical corrosion
If you don't want to see your nation devastated and burned
Stop to trust united nations, they're just a lure 


This song's the story of a young fellow
In school failure with nobody to talk to
For him educational system is boring
He's antisocial, he wouldn't work everyday

On day, to test
He took a trip to break the routine
A flash for him
He laughed, found sensations he needed

He's not addicted, but sometimes
He's on drug parties, just to make a change
He likes to be nipped in hallucinations
In illusory world just a fight

Sometimes, he likes
To take a trip to break the routine down
Get stoned, one night
Sensations he needs

Cops are always on users' back
But everybody knows
Responsibles are bloody business men
Who makes money from young people

One day, to test
I took a trip to break the routine
A flash for me
I laughed, found sensations I needed
Sometimes, I like
To take a trip to break the routine down
Get stoned, one night
Sensations I need 

(Don't Rest In Peace)

Religion is everywhere
Cause of wars, mean of death
Church is all over nations
What do they want ?
Science proved and denied
Priests insist with their lies
Liars are over nations
What do they want ?

If I like blasphemy, that's 'cos I'm agnostic
Christians or moslems I don't care for me they are just the same
I won't believe in their crazy lies I'm agnostic
Paradise of human race is here, we just gotta make it

Fuck your pope
Fuck you bloody lying world
Think for yourself and stop wondering 'bout life after death
Fuck your priests
Fuck your illusory world
Live for yourself, life's short, raise up your head


If god is real, just tell me and ask him
Why half humanity lives in misery and trust him though
If your god is so real, then tell me and ask him
To justify all defections of society, I can't get it 


Hey you
Just try to realise
Fuck you
You're so hypocrite
Look at the slumboyes distress
Drunk all the time
But if we drink that much alcohol
That's to break the boredom

We're always drunk
To have enough
Power to survive

I live
In the street all the time
For a sleep
I have to find a squatt
More and more people in the street
But you don't live that
If we hate your society
That's 'cos of the way we live


Hey you
Fuck you for all your lies
Hey you political bastards


We live today
The century of high technology
Only one thing in our world
Be the best in productivity

You drive me sick
I'm out of control
You drive me sick
I want get out

I live in pain
Powerless face of your stupid concept
But you don't care about what I think
One thing for your produce again & again


I think one day
People will think about their dangerous ways
That's what I hope, that's what I feel
Till then I'll fight again again & again



Genetic handling is the new danger
We can see new viruses now
Humanity falls in many cancers
Hepatitis or AIDS

NOW! What do you think about that ?
NOW! You can't do nothing against that !

Medicine is powerless in face of cancer
It's too late
The rate of seropositive is increasing
It's too late


P'tit Fred, Anthony, Fred, Jean-Francois, Nicolas (MELMOR), Spock, Agnès, Nadia, Gaela, Nelly Copter, Mortimer, P'tit Mad, Rach, Bebert, Derrick, Grosverred'o, David le fou, Tio, La Poloche, Pec, Wilfried, Chrismix, Sylvain (photo), Le chien La Fouille, Pierrot et Merci Au Micro d'Avoir Supporté Notre Haleine Signé les petits chanteurs à la gueule de bois Hips.
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