Dirt - Object Refuse Reject AbuseOBJECT REFUSE REJECT ABUSE

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject AbuseDEMOCRACY

Democracy's a con job
They've got you fooled
If you step out of line
They'll have you pulled
You can't go against them
It aint allowed
So watch your step
Hide in the crowd
Wait for the day
'cos it's bound to come
You wont need a fist
And you wont need a gun

The system is there
The system will stay
The system will rule
Birth control, life control, death control
Education of their wrong, and right
Of their order and their low (repeat)

Don't take it
It's just a con
Don't take it
You know it's wrong
It's just a front
So they can use you
It's just a front
So they can cheat you



It's only a matter of time
Before it happens here
'cos down in Hiroshima
They live in constant fear
Don't let them con you it wont
Don't let them con you it can't
'coz at this very moment
They are building a nuclear plant
Inside are all these chemicals
That make those dangerous gasses
All they need is one leak
And down will go the masses.

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject AbuseUNEMPLOYMENT

Unemployment is getting too high
Don't let them fool you with a lie
They'll find a solution, of what I'm sure
They'll drop a bomb, they'll start a fucking war
The'll tell you to fight
Say tge cause is good
Instead of a leg
A little bit of wood
A plastic arm, a brain gone wrong
Put you in a box, cart you along
Down to the morgue where your family mourn
They'll cry, they'll scream
Wish you hadn't been born
"Stand up and fight" is what they said
But I don't want to end up fucking dead.


Action man is here again,
Action man is here.
Action man is here again,
Action man is here.

OK kiddies here's a game to play
Strap on a gun, kill your friend today
Death or glory, fight for your life
Shoot him in the back, stab him with a knife
Drive a tank through his garden gate
And when you've finished him off,
Go and kill his mate

Then it's time for dinner with Mum & Dad
Watch the teli, it aint too bad
Episode of Crossroads, you know what life's about
On comes a war film, so you start to shout

Killing must be good 'cos your here does it
So you grit your teeth as you start to know it

It wont be long before the time has gone
And the world is at war again
You can join the army like all the real men
Get yourself a gun, have some fun

Action man is here again,
Action man is here.
Action man is here again,
Action man is here.

Death Is Reality Today.
Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject AbuseThe media, newspapers and TV etc, plays a big part in the governments strategy of social control. The media feeds you useless crap, the outcome of which is the worst form of brain damage, passive acceptance. The media creates labels into which people are neatly dropped, then they turn one label against the other in the smug knowledge that that way they'll have their story for you to read over breakfast in the morning. The labels are shit and that's just where they drop you when you accept them, right in it! Sensationalism is the key word, they blow up situations out of all proportion and don't care a fuck who gets hurt in the process. A fight between two people becomes a 'race riot' if the two people are of different skin colours. "Shocking", they say, but they don't really care because they need it to happen, they need the pain and suffering for their livelihood, like vultures, they live on the misfortunes of others. If the Queen Mother is caught picking her nose at Ascot, however, that will get more media attention than thousands dying in a distant earthquake; the media isn't concerned with morality, it's concerned with sales and on what market the sufferings of the third world run very low in the readability stakes. So, the readers are fed crap, they're no more interested in the world around them than the media is, content to believe what they're told, the passive herd, led here and there by the manipulations of the media man, they become numb to thier own world, blind to their own truth.

Death is natural as life, premature death caused by acts of violence is NOT. Every day the media tells us, shows us, and forces down our throats, the idea that violent death IS natural, that it's just a part of life that we have to accept. Why should we accept that lie? How can we stand by and accept what they say?

Small children in their world of innocence, who have no real experience of life, are the obvious targets for these social lies, they will grow up with confused ideas of right and wrong, to them, robbery, rape, maliciousness and murder will be as natural a part of life as a chicken laying an egg.

Boys play with guns, soldiers, Action Men. Girls do the cooking, play at being mum, little nurses, Cindy Dolls.

Action Man kills boys and then rapes girl. Game? Reality? Where is the line drawn? How can we excptect to live in a sane world when we teach our children to play games of destruction, mutilation and death? Why do we let it happens? Is it that we don't care? Are we the passive herd? Are we afraid, too fucking scared, of what might happen if we don't follow the rules set out for us, those nice little media labels?

As long as we continue to accept the violent state that we live in, things will only get worse.

The authoritarians who run (ruin) this country use the police, army, etc. to keep us all in line, to keep us under their tumbs, to control OUR lives. Don't let them do it. Don't play their games. PEACE IS ONE ANSWER; don't give the authoritties the excuse for violent retaliation. Don't give them the space to use their authority, don't even ask the time of day from a policeman; the only time that they're interested in, is the kind that they'd like to see you doing for the advancement of their career. From an early age we are conned into believing that employment is an essential part of our lives. Without proper employment, we are told, we will have no money for food and other essentials like colours TVs and cocktail cabinets. We are told where; how and when to work, then we're told when to stop working! What a fucking joke! The employers dictate the rules, they tell us that they know best, assure us that they have interests at heart as they wave frim the seat of their Rolls Royce. What a con! The only interests that they have are the ones that are growing day by day in their fucking bank accounts as a result of our labour.

The system is one big rip-off, from the day you're born to the day you die, and even then they'll get you for death duties if they can.

Work is slavery, the system is a slave-master. We're punished for thinking, taxed for working, fined for doing it our way, imprisoned when it works too well. Benevolent system? You've got to be joking.

So what does the government offer in retrun to these passive followers, to those questioning supporters?

Is their promise to look after the aged and the sick with their so called National Health Service really that good a deal? People that have been thrown onto the social rubbish dump by a system that says that now they are too old to be of any use deserve better than slow death in the geriatric ward of some run down and under staffed hospital.

Is the governments promise of protection from foreign powers perhaps a better offer? Like fuck it is, Britain spends £12,000 million a year on the production of weapons and the preparations for wars. That is equal to over £20,000 every single minute of every single day. Who pays the price? WE DO. Just imagine what that money could be spent on; just look around your local area and imagine what facilities could be created there with just a tiny part of the money spent on war. Just think. The people behind this spending, claim that it is for the defence of the country. The only defence that we need is from THEM, they're fucking mad!

Do you want to die? It's a free country and everyone has their democratic vote, so, do you want to die? The truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter one little bit what you want, or what you think, as long as those lunatics are in power, your life is in their hands, so do something about it. In 1945 two atomic bombs were dropped, one in Hiroshima and one on Nagasaki. Thousands upon thousands of human beings died as a result, they are still dying today, victims of state controlled mass murder. It could happen here, tomorrow, right here. Do you believe that the mad lunatics who have their finger on the button care one fuck for you? Do you think they really care? They'll be sitting pretty in their bunkers while we're frying. Whose fucking world is this?

Nothing can be achieved through force except more force. Force leads to resentment, distrust and that in turn can only lead to some form of violence. How come we allow these fools to run our world? The answer is called Democracy. Well, democracy's a con job and if they're get you fooled it's time you opened your eyes to what's really going on. Democracy pretends that it is a system that represents that it is a system that represents the voice of the majority, democracy is nothing but a big lie.

Government claims to be elected by the majority - SHIT - add together all those who voted for someone else plus those that didn't vote at all and see what kind of majority you get, fuck all and that's precisely what democracy represents. It's no good saying, "well I never voted for them", whoever you vote for the GOVERNMENT wins. They are all the same, so don't be fooled by their games, DON'T VOTE, DON'T PLAY.

They can stuff their democracy right up their bigoted arses, WE DON'T NEED THEIR RULES AND THEIR EGO-TRIPS, WE'VE HAD ENOUGH?


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