Dirt - Scent Of The KillSCENT OF THE KILL


Beat me till I'm black. Beat me till I'm blue. But I'm not giving in to the likes of you. Living in the sanctity of love. Living in the sanctuary of love. Living with this lunacy called love. Nowhere left to hide. Nowhere left to run. But you can't undo things that you've already done. Hold me to the sky. Bring me to my knees. Pretend I don't care. But baby don't tease. Now I've had enough I'm walking through the door. But you can't make me stay cause I can't take no more.


Slashing across a storm swept sky the sound of machines wake up the night. A bursting of pride about to begin as the sky opens up and we fall in. Lured by a promise of revenge. A circus of d[r]eam to which there's no end. Adopting a stance of one nation one creed, victims of conscience led by a need. Reaching for freedom enclosed in a net. A lust for a reason they'll never regret. Born from confusion but just born too late. Betrayed with a kiss to seal up my fate. The thrill of the chase, the scent of the kill. Won't do as I say but do as I will. Meat on their bream and blood on their hands. Flirt with affection while raping me land.

Listen Morons

So this is great Britain with its wealth and education and two thousand troops permanently stationed in a country so far away that its out of sight. That you don't feel me fear and you don't live the fright of this divided nation you help create and sustain this monster, this time bomb, this exploding state. You sit there in your office x-hundred miles away. You think you know it all, think everything's okay. You push the problem aside and try to use brute force. But you can't beat to death the problem at the source of British colonial policy since the year dot. No you don't give a fuck, you'd like to see us all rot. you make speeches in your parliament so far away about peace in Northern Ireland maybe some day. But until then you'll carry on as before armed occupation all out civil war.

Plastic Bullets

Plastic bullets maim, plastic bullets kill!!

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