In the autumn of 1983 a tape recording of a telephone conversation between President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher was sent anonymously to newspapers in various parts of the world.

A covering note claimed that the tape was a recording of a crossed line on which was heard part of the two leaders' telephone conversation. In January, 1984 the story was taken up by the Sunday Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. The Sunday Times described the tape as part of a KGB propaganda war. The U.S. State Department said that the tape was evidence of "an increasingly sophisticated Russian disinformation campaign."

In fact the tape was made by members of the anarchist punk rock group Crass. The tape had been produced by using parts of T.V. and radio broadcasts made by the two leaders, then overdubbed with telephone noises.

The teen magazine Loving ran a "brides" edition which included a special offer of a song called "Our Wedding" by a group called "Joy de Vivre." However, when readers played the record they found it to be a track from an album by the anarchist punk rock group Crass. Loving described the album as a "sneering attack on love and marriage." The News of the World said the title was "too obscene to print."

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