Conflict - The Ungovernable ForceTHE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE


Still the warning some fucked weary government hell bent on war
Wondering where the reinforcements for the next? are coming from
Afar they're led like cattle to be scapegoats to the scheme
While the lady laps up double cream, Mr. Newman plans and dreams
First that means deception, let's be clever "we can fool the poor"
Secondly attempts are made to cover up mistakes they make
When all else fails the boot-boys "jump", get kitted out in blue
The rest is left to the imagination, you get the point or it will get you
Some people said "no more of this", planned carefully their resistance
Made plans whilst staying underground then up to overthrow the system
Moves worked well and feeling spread that "victories" were made
They raised their mighty fist again, and...........
Clamped down hard on passive resistance
Slammed shut the door to freedom, no entry given
Build bombs, tanks, threw shit at reality
Destroyed peace, made war, then called it sanity


Punk played its own important role in the fight against oppression
Aired awareness, new opinions, destroyed formerly accepted obsessions
Right out the window went stale traditions, false morals blinded hope
Respect for authority joined them, we made them a standing joke
We said "Fuck Off" smarmy popstar shits portraying images of a perfect world
Smearing a happy, clean face on reality "it's the queens jubilee"... go to hell!
Refusing to be puppets with the promise of a future
There is no future so never mind the bollocks, 'cos anarchy in the U.K. suits us
The public screamed in outcry, demanded immediate termination
The "scum of the earth" has raised its' voice
"How could they do this to our nation?"
The media tried to destroy us, stop the 'poor mans' 'rock invasion
The exposure only helped us reveal their hopeless situation
Gaining in momentum and in numbers, we needed spokesmen
And that came from four people from the real world, like the rest of us
We now had a voice, an alternative, our message getting louder
Nothing now could stop us rising up to meet their fast advancing challenge
When the challenge came they crumbled, as the four proved easy prey
For the states clever weapon money proved too tempting once again
Big bastard business cheque books opened up and then swallowed
The leeches sucked hard slyly, "we couldn't believe the scenes that followed"

Badges, posters, bondage, books, colouring for your hair
Like sheep they flocked to, buy punk rock, a part of the new threat
The country laughed and screamed "Punk flop", it now seemed punk was dead!

Toured the lands to disneyland
And ripped the state apart
Destroyed the music status quo
Created a new start (for us)
The jet-set pads, the sunny land
The songs of train-robbings
It's all more money in the bank (for us)
Some come on boys/girls and sing
We stood and could only watch
As they took everything we tood for
And made a mockery of it
The four feeding financestraight back into
The system they supposedly despised
What was once the black flag of anarchy
Was now the colours of the union jack

The movement ,punk rock, who cares? we're just another band, they're just another band
Direct action is what achieves change, not miming to words
How much longer must we sing the same old song
Crawling from the mess that they'd left standing as our future
We realised we needed 'no-one' to mouth off our message for us
Told big business to take a running jump, went back underground where we starded
The tribe then split, as some stayed behind to mourn


Up rose a movement titled C.R.A.S.S.
Who spoke of anarchy and freedom putting power to the test
A caring group of people who worked outside the system
Aiming for liberty and peace using passive resistance
They took on a larger battle challenging all the rights and wrongs
The state, sexism, war,religion, love and hope spread from their songs
Punk is dead - now refuse to be lead
Fight war not wars - oppose all power they said
Questioned institutions, reputations, their class systems
Destroying power not people, also rejecting revolution
They never set out to profit from another
The music took a backseat so the message got louder
Unity, respect, don't contaminate our earth
Was screamed at leaders in asylum, morals, values, what's it worth?
Those who couldn't take it tried to stop them with violence
They refuse to play their game, and watched the political minds subsidence
Attempts failed feebly to create divisions in the movement
It was real, unmarketable, not the bullshit we were used to.

"Yes we still have their fucked system, regulations, laws and threats
Whose fault is that! not theirs! they're still doing their bit, are you?
People don't climb on the pedestal, they're pushed there
Questions developing leadership, when you know what's being said is right
Why do you need proof?
For fucksale, why can't you understand what they were saying.......
........ The shit we get


There must be a better way
There must be another way
There must be a clever way

(But don't give the game away)

There must be another way
There must be a better way
There must be a quicker way

21, good looking from New York
Custom built to make good bussiness talk
(It makes the women talk)
Next (new) product from their factory of life (lies)
The shooting of a star that could never, not ever, survive
Custom rock sounds like a sex aid, just as cheap and twice as nasty
A carefully planned deception, another cash-in on reality
Rebellion from the N.M.E. costs 50p the positive direction
N.M.A. build bombs for E.M.I. and support apartheid foundations
"To spread the message further" get across to a wider spectrum
That we need no nukes or fascists, we should unite and then take "vengeance"
Well I'm sorry we can't take seriously your whining groans of hope
You made your world now live in it, to us you're just a standing joke


In the start all that seemed feasible was to question the house that state built, its policies, and its governing force, joined by others in union rejecting state oppression and the way they abuse our earth and its inhabitants. A movement developed, anti-political and with no leaders, system or rules, using natural, humane feelings to effect change instead of safe party manifestos. They label us anarchists. They brushed aside our pleas for peace and continued manufacturing their sick insane empire. We increased the pressure on them, demonstrated and screamed at its foundations.

We only want what is rightfully ours, but they won't give it up. We asked for change and peace, they declared war! Sank Greenpeace, smashed events and demos, reclaimed Stonhenge, our scrap of freedom, started killing the community, imprisoned all who questioned, and announced the police state. The time had come to stop screaming at their foundations and start kicking them: from protest to resistance. "One way or another we will drive our vital message home, that is we won't let you destroy our world, we have the strength, will organize, and........."


Now they're being led astray again, forgetting he battle we are facing
It's showtime, but you're supporting the foundations we are kicking
"Watch me I can play at 90,000 notes an hour
Know me for my power chords, not supporting of state power
I can play so fucken fast, if you don't move I'll kick your arse
We're so fucken tight we squeak, in fact my band are quite unique"
That heavy metal driving sound, that's a real challenge
Three quid to stare at some thick arse, don't complain you're broke
Tough shit, you're not fooling us, the joke's on you
Follow, and they'll lead you, right up the garden path
"You can't handle, I'm the best, the tunes the power, fuck the rest
The hordes they flock in cool as ice, don't question me, I'm always right
Call that a fucking solo, I'll do better with ten pints in me
Listen to my voice, I'm really fucking angry"

"Seen my bird, my satan tattoos
I'm here to get fucked right out my nut
I'm jacking up, then falling down
But the lights, the dry ice, the stage act"
Ever thought of directing
Energy towards action?
"Action? I'd sooner fuck my motorbike"
You pile of sexist, drugged-up macho shit
You're a hindrance, not a help
So go on bang your head harder
We hope it drops right off
Understand this, you might not agree with
what they say, do, or stand for, you just like
the music, if that's all that concerns you,
fair enough, but don't ride along on the back
of change, to play to all us caring, staring
people, forget it. We won't be fooled again
If a tune becomes so fucking important, if all
that's talked about is notes, chords and bands,
when a record becomes rebellion - an alternative
to action, an excuse for doing nothing, you help
them........ oppress us


Fuck off you, fuck your violent threats, your attempts to control the nation
Fuck off you fucked up racist cunt, understand the situation
Back off you slimy worthless prick, you ain't got a clue what you're facing!
Eat bricks you hed up bastard shits, scabs: you'll get what you are creating
Who the fuck do you think you're pushing, "stay in place or get it"
I'd think again to save your skin, 'cos if you come to close
You'll fucking regret it, you whine on all the hell you like
Repeat your warnings of plastic bullets, the gas, the batons, the water cannon
The more you oppress the more we'll resist
Riots, there ain't been a riot, but one's knocking at your door
You've seen nothing yet but houselheld pets, but you'll feel the lions claws
Proclaiming laws last victory, of containing rebel shower
When the time is right you'll get the fight that will totally test your power
Inciting, provoking trouble, that you know can easily be beaten
To maintain the image that we need you, so thus re-confirm your position
You might trick some you scheming scum, but you'll never get our obedience
You can batter, beat us, even imprison, yet still you'll never ever defeat us
Belfast.... Brixton... Toxteth.... Totteham... St. Pauls.... Hansworth...
Reclaim the streets, reclaim the towns, reclaim the nation

What revolution, this revolution, we all wanted a peaceful solution
But this institution, that institution, smashed all hope of getting through to them
Confrontations, escalating violations of the law
Repercussions of the mass destruction which in the end is sure to mean
Them pumping out the bullets, their protection from the poor
We will win 'cos we have to, we ain't got nothing to lose no more
And what they lose they undoubtedly will forfeit forever
"They've got the guns, but we've got the numbers"

Conflict - The Ungovernable Force


Laws are made to be obeyed and that's the way the system stays
The country stands with troops at hand who provide protection for the state
At school you're taight to play the fool, the path is set, followed by all
Employment gained the nation's safe, it's all for one and none for all

It's time we dismised all their lies that keep us in position, their demanding obligations, their deliberate segregation, their world of degregation, the mass negotiations, their pointless pleas for sanctions. Class conditioning starts from very young, if you are rich or you are fortunate you get trained and treated better, and if you're not it's just tough shit. The elite are brainwashed into believing that they are respected and highly valued. Rewarded with higher salary, bribed with that extra special interest; destined to end up playing an important state role, or protect or serve authority itself.

Laws are made to be obeyed and that's the way the system stays
The country stands with troops at hand who provide protection for the state
School are used to preach the rule, the path is wrecked, destroyed for all
Employment gained? The country's safe? Now one for all, and all for everyone

(The mentality of the Met.)

A quiet sunny day, the scene is suburban
Not much going off, in fact it's a boring one
Ready and waiting in Bristol fashion
For my radio to bleep, and I'll jump into action
P.C. Caring's off duty for awhile
A right prat he is, always helpful and a smile
19, well hard, DM's and truncheon
Headcase'ere and I've got some lunch
'Headcase' fuck em there goes me radio
It must be a riot if they're calling for back-up
I'm at the scene, Sarge, what's going down?
There's a darkie in defiance
Get that nigger of me, kick 'im
Don't do it in the open, kick his teeth in later
I thought I'd taught you police operations
Take hime away out the eyes of the media
Then kill the bastard, kill 'im
Make sure you don't bruises anyway, he's in the van
Pile in everyone, c'mon, c'mon, that' it lads
Ha ha ha, love it, let me have him
Let me kill him, yeh, nice one lads

If you wanna get overtime
You better take my advice
Promotion or demotion?
Just never step out of line
You want to make sure?
Sure we can discuss a price
But keep it shut, keep the image nice

We nick the unemployed, for they're just lazy
Scrounging off us taxpayers, trust be crazy
Join the force and give a helping hand

(Police policy)
The C.N.D. are communists, we're sick of petty pacifists
Greenham dykes, Trotskyites, Greenpeace and the rest of it
Rioters, muggers, looters, shoot us, niggers are the cause of it
Repatriation for the nation, the simple way to deal with it
Rastas, punks, mods and hippies, students, queers and dirty pakis
Demanding more than nothing less, but never want to work for it
Miners, printers, paddies, pickets, givin' it all the demo bit
We'll smash them back with our attack, 'cos we're the guys to deal with it

You're here to serve, protect the nation
Stop all the foreigners illegal immigration
You help old ladies across the road
Even if she has got a face like a toad
You re-assure, protect the rich from the poor
To bell with mugging, rapists and the whores
Maintain law and order, keep the public at large
The police is your profession.... got it

We're here to serve...... That's right, eh sarge?


So what if we manage to stop cruise cruising in
Will it make any fucking difference?
To the inevitable countdown to World War 3
The power monger's decision
Will it be our world's destruction
Will it be.........................

You fucked old yankee crony git
You screwed up bastard commie shit
You evil hag with blood-stained hands
Fuck you, fucking hang...

Fuck it, I just can't see any point in singing yet another wanky war song... the accepted target... can't see no point in mouthing off about atomic power... they know the risk involved, but still freely fuck with our lives... you know what it'll never hapen.. puch it 'to the corner of the mind and forget it... for it's much more conforming to 'Relax' and don't do it....

Alternative to this, the masses join the C.N.D.
Fly its helpless protest banner on demo's
Listen to the whining wanky labour party
And wait for them to annihilate the fucking lot of us
You fucking bunch of jokers
'When you hear the four-minute warning'

See your family and friends perish
The eyes melting, the skin shrivelling
Blood boiling. Bomb. Death. Listen. Now.

There's one minute left in the game to play
Since that day in '45 we've never had a say
Was it a solution to combat the right?
Or just to stay ahead and never done fight
Thatchers plaything in the name Manhattan
Another Hiroshima for him to flatten
The protest signs them spread across the earth

"Only direct action can prevent World War 3"


If you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you you're likely to get arrested. Her's some things to and not to do. You don't have to say anything, nothing but it's advisable (but still your choice) to give name, adress, date of birth. AND THEN NOTHING ELSE. If you don't give them this you'll find they'll only hold you for longer, while tehy establish your identity, but if previously convicted don't give your date of birth, for you're on their computers in birth order. Then you're not obliged to answer any further questions at all. Most people that are caught are sussed out by their own evidence. The police are cunning, but thick. DON'T HAND IT TO THEM ON A PLATE. You do not have to give your fingerprints, make them apply for a warrant, this sometimes is refused-especially if the evidence is flimsy. Never let them take your photograph, this is only comulsory after you've received a prison sentence, so don't let them tell you different. You can demand suitable food: you might not get it "keep on asking". You are entitled to make phone calls but the bastards just won't let you. Remember the arresting officers number, or any scum that treat you badly, make a legal complaint afterwards. Look bored - but stay polite, when they question say 'no comment', don't admit to any weakness. They are bastards trained by bastards. To protect, detect, prevent us and our like from questioning let alone threaten the power they cherish.

Whatever you go through in a police cell is nothing compared to the suffering inflicted by governments. The state destroys, tortures and murders. We must stop them, using force if necessary.
Remember that and good luck.


Do I stand alone again
In my endless search for freedom
Challenging their might, defeated
Falling helplessly away
Crawling thru the wreckage
Their destiny is my future
I feel the coldness
As I slip out into their darkness
So I stand alone the same
In my hopeless chase for freedom
Clawing, I call, I call out
But again I'm never answered
You stand there in your lonely world
In your careless search for freedom
While we struggle on
You turn helplessly away
Destroyed and recreated
Our destiny is the future
Now I feel the warmth
As the eclipse is forced away

"I think that from the police point of view my task in the future... In the next ten to fifteen years will be that basic crime such as theft. Burglary, even violent crimes will not be the predominant police feature... What will be the matter of greatest concern to me will be the covert and ultimately overt attempts to overthrow democracy, to subvert the authority of the state and to in fact involve themselves in acts of sedition designed to destroy our parliamentary system and the democratic government of this country"

James Anderson, Chief Constable
Greater Manchester

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