The factory is churning out all processed packed and neat
An obscure butchered substance and the label reads 'MEAT'
Hidden behind false names such as Pork, Ham, Veal & Beef
An eye's an eye, a life's a life, the now for forgotten belief
And everyday production lines are feeding out this farse.
To end up on a table then shat out of an arse.

Yet, still they're queing and still they're viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcasses piled up in a heap
Sort juicy chunks from freezers deep
Well, can't you see that juice is blood
From new born throats red rives flood
Blood from young hearts, blood from the veins
Your blood their blood serves the same.

Now you're at the table, sitting, grinning
Sitting there eating you never realise the filling
It's served upon a sterile plate you don't think of the killing
The furthest your brain takes you, is it for frying or for grilling?
You moan about the seal cull, about the whale slaughter
But does it really matter whether it lives on land or watter?
You've never had a fur coat, you think it's cruel to the mink
Well how about the caw, pig or sheep, don't they make you think?
Since the day that you were born you've never been told the missing link.

Yet still they're queuing and still they're viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcasses piled up in a heap
Sort juicy chunk from freezers deep
Well can't you see that juice is blood
From new born throats red rivers flood
YOUR BLOOD, THEIR BLOOD, serves the same.


They practice so called justice law & order - Their first trick
They practice so called justice and soon they'll want our necks
They think we are their scapegoats - They look down on me and you
We'll just let them believe that until it's time to see who's who
Sometimes I wonder how much longer it will take
Till people start to realise that the law is but a fake
But across the world rebellion's restrained
And turned against itself by there media's brain.

First it's the facts, then they're attacked
Changed too their lies, to maintain pride
Always one side, always their side
Never our side, fuck the lot.

Always titles, always disciples
They're packaging bullets for the rifles
People are dying and people are crying
While other people are mystifying
People are dead the colour was red
Lives are through, the colour was blue
People are fighting while people are writing
I realise someone is hiding the truth.


There's pressure in the east, there's pressure in the west
The pressure's building up but the rulers know best
How to hold back the masses who beg and demand
For the slightest chance of a change of command
A command that forces a lifestyle of sin
Then picks up the pieces and locks them in
That has the power and time to access and control enemy no. 1 - The press.


People die in horror cell on the front page of the Sun
Then the page is turned and the real fun has begun
The horror is diluted as the page 3 girl arrives
Shapely tits, big building arse, a sparkle in her eye
More and more and more and more the horror becomes distant
It's swept aside with packaged lies, presented like a present
And by the time it's taken in just as your team is winning
A person's died, another's lied but no sign of killing.


This is the country you're supposed to be free
The democratic society
You're only free if you accept their views
And if you don't they'll imprison you

Young gangs fighting for respect
But everyone's a police suspect
The rich say anything for extra money
They're prostitutes and they think it's funny

This is the country that's supposed to help ya
But only the privileged get a fall-out shelter
The police force, army, government and more
The tight arse shit's who start the wars

This fucking place is in a mess
The usual people are being oppressed
Kept at bay by piles of pointless laws
And all reasons kept safe behind closed doors

The reasons that they keep from you are the reasons that they've got you beat
They turn you against people like you, people like you on the street
Fighting wars is senseless, this country is not great
Wars are fixed by people who surround themselves with hate
Great Britain thinks it leads the world so civilised, pure and free
Great Britain doesn't lead fuck all
Great Britain shit, you don't fool me

Smashing Argies - Falklands' ours
Falkland ours - What a con
We ain't even got a place to stick of arses on

Fighting wars in Russia, fighing wars in Spain
Killing in Nothern Ireland
It's all the fucking same


From day they say "Listen to me"
You are born with eyes but they're not to see
Keep looking straight ahead and don't let them stray
Don't question anything, don't question or debate

Because you've seen it once before and you'll see it again
The strange disappearances of those who are the same
The same as the people who fight for their rights
Then back stab each other in the middle of the night
The whining freedom anthem songs, sacrifice the lot to end all the wrongs
"A few lives ruined but we still have the songs" - but the troops are marching on and on

We sing our own songs, we choose our own ways
You try to ignore us, but we'll never go away
Looking down on us from your privilege and greed
Talking all you can and making others bleed
Destroying all you touch now our answers are through
I'm sure we can do better than you
The left wing manifesto, the right wing sham
Tells us we can't, but I know we can
They tell us we can't, but I tell you we can
Stuff your lies, I know we can


Standing around in Oxford Street waiting for the bus
When a copper stands beside me ans says I'm nicked for sus
"What the fuck you on about I'm only standing here"
Then he hits me round the heat and I start to shake with fear

You're nicked

So don't stand around in a crowded place
And if you do, don't have smile across your face
Because if there is a copper wants to act right thick
Then he'll come along and pull you in and he'll lock you in the nick

You're nicked

Never let a copper search you in the street
Because there're things that they will plants on you to make themselves look neat
Anything from car keys to a drug that can't be used
They'll drag you to the cells 'cos they've got fuck all else to do

You're nicked (you're next)

Standing in the court room denying every word
the boy in blue is lying and the verdict is observed
How can they find me guilty when I haven't done a thing?
But the judge is so one sided that the copper's smiling



You don't care about people's thoughts
You probe into the mind, then you haunt

What you print,people beliee
Complicating lives, what the fuck does that achieve?

Now you're looking for some news
Changing around the facts and views
Receiving money for empty lies
Sly reporters I despite you

Will there be the extra in this week
Now you're climbing to the journalist peak
Sitting at the typewriters making more lies up
Rearranged to suit you then fuck me up


Now I'm getting sick of you
Coming around here, fucking me up
Whatever you print you can't fucking lose
But can't you see the damage that you do



One nation under the bomb
One nation under the bomb
One nation under the bomb
ALL nations under the bomb

Four minutes left in the game to play
Since that day in forty-five we've never had a say
Was it a solution to combat the right
Or just ahead in the never ending fight
The president's plaything in the name Manhattan
Just another Hiroshima for him to flatten
The protest signs are spead across the earth
But will the protest pay their worth

They keep us at bay with pilesw of business man's excuses
Planning hard, they've got us bared, our blood will run like juices
How long left now, the hands tick by
Will we get our answers to what, where, why?

Who'll press the button?
Who'll start the war?
Who'll survive the slaughter?
Who'll perish on the floor?
The part you play in this fucked up set
Leads to the overhead threat you'll never forget
The times up now, no protest crowd
Just have got your fucking shroud? It's coming now, now, now, fucking now.


Left wing, right wing, you've heard it all before
Well can you spot the difference when they're knocking at your doors
And while you're poncing yourselves up to follow hordes of shit
Just remeber how it feels to be pushed, punched, kicked.

You can't change nothing with your violence and your hate
Do you really think by smashing heads you're gonna change the state?
You can't change nothing with your violence and your hate
Do you really think by smashing heads you're gonna change this place?

You talk of people dropping out, but the system just loves you
You talk a load of bollocks now your revolutions through
'Cos the movement that it started, it was arranged, then logged and filed
More of your mates are dead now, soon you'll see them neatly piled
You can't change nothing with your violence and your hate
Do you really think by smashing heads you're gonna change the state?
The battlefield is set at Margate, and the bloods gonna run, so don't be late

Well they can keep that because I don't want to know
Won't play no part in the muscle man show
Won't be told that I should fight with you
'Cos the real enemy sits back and grins at us too
There's always people who'll hate what you say
There's always people who'll lock you away
There's always people with jobs to do
They're still flesh and blood like ME and YOU
Forced in jobs they don't want to know
For Monopoly money that's made to show
Taught to complete against the people in the street
Down on your knees, don't you think that's a treat?
This is planned from early on, when just tiny little mites
Squatting in the classroom learning how to read and write
Hearing all the good things like how to be polite
What we realise now is that they had control of sight.
We're told of gods galore, and heroes more
And never of the people that were battered to the floor
Told to admire all leaders great and tall
'To think it was them that made me crawl



They say from aorns great oak trees do grow
And from evil man the genocide does flow
From the expenditure the schock waves spread
And the innocents in masses are easily led
It don't really matter if it's Communist red
Or whether it's Fascism that causes the fatal blow to the head
America still don't realise it's mistake in 'Nam
But they weren't on the wrong end of the napalm
They still carry on their search for power & glory
It's just another chapter in man's story
Across the world they rear their ugly heads
Across the world in bloodshed red.
The story begins to wear thin
They say it's in the name of law
Will Vietnam be the forerunner to El Salvador?
Another nine years of killing, injuries and rapes
This year's winner is The Watergate Tapes
And this years Kissinger's a man called Haig
And the descendants have all caught the red, white and blue plague


Political factions stepping into line
They think they're helping people when they give a date and time
But if they knew the truth of what was going on
There'd be no campaings or party broadcasts on
They're sitting in the backrooms giving orders out
Go and smash the other side, and get the bastards out

Make a perfect world, is that your fucking aim?
Or are you just another sect who wants it's slice of fame?
Government, law & order can't you see that that's the con
Can't you use your fucking head and see what's going on?
They're all just rulers to dish the orders out
Go and smash each others side, but leave the people out


Another find timing for a step into line
For budding young stars who've just found the time
And old tune and shit words, as long as they rhyme
Well just watch them boys 'cos they can't fail this time

Well I've heard all the screams of another barmy army
But who sits in hotels with a champagne and salami?
It only leaves you to be the ones who's barmy
You're being led on to make superstars fortune

Yeah, we live in dead cities, and the streets are grey
But I don't need Top of the Pops to make me think that way
I can see this rebellion on my T.V. screen
But no sign of a future for you and me
A slight reflection of the past
But that didn't last
'Cos the people who mattered weren't roled in the cast
They're lining up another lot, all idols who'll
Be nailing down the coffin on me and you.

You tell me about the con barmy army
Well, excuse me if I laugh, but I think it's rather funny
That when the businessman farts the punters go running
It's just another pile of shit you see what's coming?

The businessmen whisper from backroom thrones
Their long grasping tentacles are hungry and strong
Top chart hits and future, we can't go wrong
But it's only their wallets that get fat on our songs

Does it really matter about the businessman's side?
I don't really give a fuck, if they're dead or alive
Top chart hits and future, they'll do that for you
But just ask this question, is it false or is it true?


Crazy governments try to find ways, how to blow other countries away
itting back in Parliament, they've got fuck all else to do
So they create war for me and you
Looking for answers, there's nothing to be found
By sitting round a table dicussing different towns
Who'll shall we shit on?
Who'll take the cruise?
Have you heard about our future on the evening news?

Send out troops - air, land and sea
How many killing in diffeerent countries?
They're sitting in their limos, imposing on us their views
They don't give a fuck, they ain't gonna lose
Ain't it about time they looked for other ways of how to beat the problems?
Because bombing and destroying people's never gonna to solve them

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