Conflict - This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking FightTHIS IS NOT ENOUGH STAND UP AND FUCKING FIGHT


So much for the change, the re-arranging and politicians declared dead
So much for the troops forced out of Ireland, The Police abloished?
I read that things had gone too far and awareness had caused concern at the top,
But their backbone must not crack, so their city will not stop.

We need a whole new ploy, direct our motives and anger, force what we see as right but the system holds our banners.
We need that whole new ploy, direct our motives and anger, force what we know as right, make our feelings turn to action
Meanwhile, senile morons are shitting bricks cos they know the people have learnt Just who's who and who funds what,
It's time those bastards tables burned. But It's all been said in another line.
If I've sung it once it's a thousand times, if we don't do it now we' re never gonna break free from the oppression that makes us hate.
Free from their law, their hypocrisy, from the war that turns ourt sunny day grey,
Or free all the animals locked in a cage slowly going mad with fists of rage.
It's time to overcome 1984, forget that firytale, slam shut the door.
It's time for reality, not false hopes, it's time to show them whose the Joke.
It's time to take. It's not too late, so much for our change, our re-arranging.
Politicians that ain't dead. So much for their scum forced out of Ireland, THEY increased the pressure instead.
If things had gone too far, then action will prove FATAL to their props, yeah, that backbone might not break, but their city TEARS APART!!!


So Thatcher's slime escape again, more of the shit they make us take, still no end to their sick reign.
See Rayguns Army rule again four more years to kill the sane, more of his napalm - neutron - hate and meanwhile Russia sits and waits, prepares her perfect time to take.
The seconds gone - ANNIHILATE!! There's a bomb gone off in Harrods, yet another in Belfast,
Well I say bollocks to her army, in fact - KISS MY ARSE.
That arms aims for one thing, inflicts misery and pian, well, for what you do to others you must expect the same.
In eastern countries people cry, in Northern Ireland, people die.
America and England bank their lives.
Throughout the whole world people cry, throughout the whole world people die.
Worldwide leaders fuck our lives.
MURDER! you scream, well that's the way I look at things, but is it,right, to gun down children cos they've got their own feelings?
These monsters that you title madden 'till insane.
Well in my book your the bastard cos to you it's just a game.
Plunging deeper and deeper in to a sea of degredation, still looking for our answers to stop ANNIHILATION
THATCHER's BARMY ARMY who just sit upon the poor, KINNOCKS FUCKING PUPPETS for the people - FUCK OFF!
The Police the Marines, all chose to side with them.
The S.A.S. - their hitmen to break REBELLION, they all don't give two fucks for us so I've no time for them.
They can build their Berlin Walls but we will smash them down again, they tear our fucking earth in half, expect us to slave for their behalf, they're fucking living in the past, it was your bomb in Harrods and they're your bombs in Belfast, because that's what you've created, it ain't no fault of ours, you arse.
These 'Bastards' that you're naming, who not try the mirror mate? cos that bastard's your reflection, your oppression creates the HATE.

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