Conflict - The Battle ContinuesTHE BATTLE CONTINUES


Mighty & superior we're the rulers you're the ruled.
We say the grass is greener on the other side, but you can't see that of course
We represent the nation it's our people we put first
We even bail out thirld world countries, it's OUR Investment they DESERVE IT
Simply forcing the back the Russians with peace missiles built for trust
Screwing with the Yankees - Law and Order is our must
Sick and fucking tired of their collaborations
Forwarding the clock to our extermination
Get a one-way seat to destruction
Their choice - our must - to rise with the mushroom
Hail to the mushroom - the total combustion. The realization of annihilation
Poseidon's answer, the Trident blunders, Your choice - our must - to die
But you're wrong. Mighty and invincible as they boil the seas for power
Recruiting armies on the land to protect the state that cowers
From the Russkies - from the dollar. One's Investment, one, our enemy
These people why can't they love. Human feelings, don't they matter?
Much rather they would rule, building castles and tycoons
A crust out to the third world, sending rockets to the moon
Making missiles, tanks and bombs, nuclear power for our homos
Raising hell up from the mines, to the last humans sacrifice...
Well, if you think all's well and strong
There's a movement that's uprising, If you think we can take that
You've got one hell of a shock coming
You might just have pushed too far - you're superior to nithing
The UNGOVERNABLE force is gonna drag you out of hiding
You think you've got us beaten. You make one slip and you'll know it
We're watching every move you make, as you are us! - FORGET IT
For once we take an inch you just watch us take the mile
Your servants have turned their backs on you, now the world starts to smile!!!
Mighty and superior you are the rulers, we're the ruled
You said the grass was greener on the other side, but we couldn't see! of course
You represent your people, it's your own kind you put first
You bail out third world countries, YOUR Investment to preserve
Forcing back the Russians with peace missiles built for???


Some still show strength, while others just show anger
Holding back our only chance for the sake of never learning
Just who and what is on our side? One thing that ain't is time
They're just waiting for their movement, can't you see their guns are loaded?
And pointing at our lives, ours they will destroy
Without a second thought do you really think they care?
They couldn't give a fuck, but why should they fucking bother?
When we accept the shit they've shat, they think there's no change of attack
Complacency creeps in, cracks form in the foundations
Systems start to seize up - powermongers flee the nation
All power's been abducted, it's protectors have abandoned
The ship that sailed to no avail, the mutiny destroyed the sail

Well if you think things change that easy, think those bastards will easy up
Dream they'll end our nuclear nightmare, that they'll give our world back to us
You better get an eyewash and wipe those illusions from your eyes
For you must be fucking joking, THEY WON'T GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT
if it's a fight they want... THEY'VE GOT IT

Yeh, that is the way it's going, but all paths can be diverted
Directions can be changed - It's up to YOU to lay the surface
You're not alone so how about trying to get up off your arse?
Preaching ways and making statements, OK Final but that won't change the nation
Piling on the pressure, with mass action as back up
Yeg, let's take the fight to them! Why wait for them to come to us?
Let's pull together and give the test that will never be - forget

Mother Thatcher orders meeting with the Arch-Angel Heseltine
Discuss a plan they've been preparing - 'THE DREAM TO END ALL TIME'
They pretend to shout, but whisper, as they plot their makepiece feud
Preaching morality or insanity, whichever one attracts the hordes
Crushing revelations moving in on love and trust
While slyly cornering our freedom making sure it doesn't burst out
To the manipulated mass of darkness that's been conquered and forgotten
'Fucked hard' and left for hopeless, like the scum that passed before them
The task of the almighty to prove the unbeatable hand of right encouraging the challenge to attempt to slay their might
These bastards that force rule and quell all hopes and pleas for peace
Just can't walk to got their final chance to prove

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