Braindance - Can Of WormsCAN OF WORMS

Braindance - Can Of WormsWHERE'S ALL THE PRIDE GONE?

When I was young I had so many dreams
The biggest was to play for my national team
I'd imagine myself running down the wing
And scoring a goal that made the country sing

Where's all the pride gone?

Playing football to them should be the only thing
To play with passion and to try to win
It's a schollboys dream to see his country win
It's all about money now, now ain't it a sin

The passion has gone from the players today
Dying their hair seems the latest phase
Posing around in their designer suits
Walking the catwalk to make more loot

Braindance - Can Of WormsJUST ONCE TOO OFTEN

Say your leaving again girl - I've heard it all before
Take a few more steps - as you near the front door
Hoping that I'll say wait - and ask you to say
Well this time it's not on - and your tears are too late

Just once too often - I've got it in the neck
Just once too often - just give me a break

So dry all your tears - and tell no more lies
Get it into your head - that our relationship is dead
You kicked me in the head girl - when I was down
But now it's your turn - to start to wear a frown

You've always cried wolf - just to get your own way
So have all your tears - they don't impress me anyway
You've played your silly games - and hurt me so bad
But now it's the end - you stupid little whore


You say you've never tried in life
Or done the things you wanted to
Didn't have support from you family
And your childhood was truly screwed
With an empty feeling deep inside
You wish you could run and hide
Look at the world through an empty bottle
You never face life and all of its troubles

Take to the bottle, take to drink
Can't remember, just need a drink

Look at your hands, all they do is shake
You need another drink it's make or break
You hardly recognise me anymore
Your impaired vision is becoming a bore
Responsibilities that you can't handle
Pull the cork on another bottle
You look at life through an empty
Never face life and all of its troubles

Deserted by your family
'Cause you treated them so wrong
You beat your wife in a drunken fury
Ans sold your family down the line
You stare at the sky with your hazy vision
Begging for change for your next drink
You say that life's treated you so wrong
You're full of shit and that's how you're living

Braindance - Can Of WormsEVERY WORDS A LIE

You're gonna make your rules and do what you like
Shout and scream just as much as you want
Deal the pack, but then you'll hide a card
Say you'll stand, but then you'll runaway

You're a two faced shit - always full of shit
You're a two faced - always talking shit
You're a two faced - well every words a lie
You're a two faced - just fuck off and die

Hand over five pounds and say it was ten
In the pub next door, you'll do it again
Said you fought for your country in '82
When all you done really was just lie youtself blue

Said you'd take good care of your mates girlfriend
He asked you this from his hospital bed
You're soon round his house with one thing on your mind
To shag his missus and fuck up his mind

Braindance - Can Of WormsHAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

What has happened to the world today?
People suffering here this way
The world is starting to feel the strain
It's all changing for the worse I'd say

Has the world gone mad?
Has it lost it's head?
Has the world gone mad?
It'll soon be dead

Trouble in Europe - countries fall apart
All for power - they'got no hearts
Human rights - fuck'em all
We don't create - we just destroy

South America close your eyes
The drug barons will help you to die
Making money from dying men
How much longer will it take warry on

Test the missiles on our planet
Pout the oil back down it's throat
Choke to death in our pollution
There's a disease - it's called man

Braindance - Can Of WormsFEATHER

I was at a gig on a Saturday night
To see some bands and have good time
A few beers inside me things were looking fine
I saw this girl who blew my mind

A skinhead girl svith dark brown hair
Dressed to kill in the club that night
Her jeans they fitted her like a glove
That skinhead girl is the one I love

She had feathers dark and long
Meet a skinhead girl and you can't go wrong
She had feathers dark and long
In that skinhead girl I could find no wrong

As she turned around to talk to her mate
I caught a quick glimpse of her skinhead smile
She was perfect from her head to feet
A minute with her would be a treat

I decided to make a play for that girl
I slowly walked over to where she stood
A fight broke out at this point in time
And after that fight that skinhead girl was gone

Braindance - Can Of WormCOMA (I can hear you)

I live my life on a machine
Body and face are kept clean
Food is given in by tubes
No part of my body moves

You don't know I can hear you
No-one feels like I do
Nurses and family do what they do
None of them really car about me

How much longer will it go on
They must know this is wrong
Keep a body on a machine
Keep alive when life as gone

Braindance - Can Of WormMILE X MAN

You've got one eye higher than the other
You spit every time you speak
With six fingers on your left hand boy
And an odour to you that reeks

You're a poor excuse - for a human being
A poor excuse - for a man
You're a poor excuse - for a human being
You're a freak - you're the Mile X Man

You've got no teeth left in your gob
Then add to that your twitch
You cough up blood every time you speak
You just make me wanna itch

You've lumps and boils all over your skin
You suck the pus and then you grin
An extra nipple upon your chest
Ane puke stains running down your vest

You think incest with every thought
You itch your arse with a rusty fork
Stealing bras from a washing line
You're just a defect in the human being

Braindance - Can Of WormCAN OF WORMS

If you open up a can of worms
You don't know what you'll find
The good, the bad and the ugly
They all may be inside

You don't know what you'll find
What's lurking deep inside
Take a gamble, take a ride
You may like waht you find

Make your choice and take your prick
Your fate is in your own hands
Take a gamble, take a ride
You may like what you find

Make your choice and take your prick
Your fate is in your own hands
Take a gamble, roll the dice
You never know what you'll find

You've got to choose which way to go
And how you can live your life
Take the chance, do it now
And open up that can of worms


See the blood run red
As the boots hit his head
Hear the loud crack
As your hands break his back
His vision starts to go
As he cries out no
Just to make sure
You kick him just once more

Streets of Violence ain't gone away
We're living in violent streets today
Streets of violence

The sirens they wail
And the cowards they run
Yes I said cowards
When it's seven to one
The man he lies still
On the cold hard floor
Chocking on his vomit
And blood as it pours

Taken to hospital
Through violent streets
His family are called
And told where he'll be
Doctors can do nothing
Streets claim another victim
Crimes happen like this
Every day in Britain

Braindance - Can Of WormWHATEVER YOU SAY

You hide the truth, don't ever face the facts
Just turn your back on what's around you
You only see what you wanna see
And you only hear what you wanna be said

Whatever you say - it's alright with me
You know everything - well you think you do
Whatever you say - I'll just agree with you

You lie to us just to save your skin
You tell us that we could never win
Don't face that facts just hide your eyes
Spout out words, but only tell us lies

You're a stubborn person who will not be swayed
You'll never change your views in anyway
Saying you're right until the very end
Even if it costs you your family and friends

Braindance - Can Of WormHAVING A BAD DAY

Just who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?
Where have I been?
Horrors that I've seen
Are all my dreams eal?
Has life a meaning?
Is there a hell?

I guess I'm just having a bad day
Give me my pills - I need a way out

Who are the needy?
And who are the greedy?
Does anyone care?
Is everyone care?
Am I on my own?
Do we need the Throne?
Is anyone there?
Why do people stare?

Is there anyone out there?
Why so many questions?
Why never answers?
Do people have feelings?
Why don't we face the facts?
How long have we been here?
What is our purpose?
Oh is there a God?

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