Braindance - At Full VolumeAT FULL VOLUME


A killer out tonight, and I know his plight
He waits in my mind, until it's killing time

I see him slice through flesh & bone
I'm sure he knows he's not alone

Shows me the details, his mission never fails
suffer death to all, as I watch his victims fall

Chorus ...

I lay down to sleep, another body I see
It's torture for me, I just wanna be free

Chorus ...

Waiting in this place, just to see his face
Tonight it will end, when I find he's my friend

Chorus ...

He is a psychic killer (2*)

Baindance - At Full VolumeDESTINY

Why in life are there pains to bare
they look down on me with hate
Can't let them see that I care
I'll walk bye with my head in the air

Destiny - what happens to me - Is down to fate

They can't see into our souls
Where true feelings lie alone
to me they just cannot relate
just see another fool go bye

Chorus ...

I'll just live from day to day
knowing what will be will be
In the end I have no say
It's all just another, another day

Chorus ...


It's my fault your life s so crap
It's my fault your stuck in a trap
I make society screw you up
I make authority so corrupt

Blame it on, blame it on, blame it on - Me, me, me, me (2*)

I'm the one that sends the bills
I'm that one that makes you ill
I'm the one who's blames abound
I'm the one who's kicked you around

Chorus ...

I'm the one that gave you the sack
I'm the one that broke your back
It's my fault your fucked in the head
It's my fault, so what your dead

Chorus (2*)

Braindance - At Full VolumeDADDY'S GIRL

Daddy's little girl so good & true
Very smart, all her exams she knew
But when it came down to life
She was backward and soon hit strife
met a boy she thought was good
his background she had'nt understood
he took her for a few good nights
she loved the music and the lights

Daddy's little girl - What happened to you (2*)
You were Daddy's little girl - Your feeling so blue
You were Daddy's little girl - Now what are you?

A few month past and she was late
the love she needed, had turned to hate
Yet another young mother on her own
alone in a bedsit, no one to phone
Now no money, her lifes gone bye
Hungry and tired her and baby cry
wish she'd stayed in a life she knew
Daddy's little girl, what happened to you

Chorus ...


Braindance just wanna play
Braindance just wanna play
Were here to stay
Were here to stay

Dance ...

Braindance we won't lie
Braindance we won't lie
We'll get you high
We'll get you high

Dance, dance, dance ...

Braindance are here to gig
Braindance are here to gig
We'll make it big
We'll make it big

Braindance (3x)


I'll come late home through the door
I've been been fucking with a dirty whore
Twenty quid was all she cost
who gives a toss my life's a loss

Life's not like that

Won't get me out of the pub tonight
I'm gonna stay and drink allnight
If they dry I'll have to fight
Blood on the floor I'm alright

Chorus ...

I have worries the same as you
Life's a pain but pleasureable to
So have a drink, don't worry so
Life ain't bad if you drink and srew

Chorus ...

Braindance - At Full VolumeMY WILL

Full of grief, I scream at the wind
Thought I heard my forfathers words
If wills in myself, it's stayed on the shelf
Won't let you win, to have a story to tell

Things tend to drag me down
Don't understand why they hate me now

I promised myself, somewhere in teenage life
To never submit, to the ones I will not be like
Live in a hole, but stay close to my kind
cause they understand, what burns up in my mind

Chorus ...

My fear grips at the will of stone (2x)
My gut fears that I'll die alone ...

Braindance - At Full VolumeFOREVER COLD

Got no money, forever cold
always try to do what I'm told
Go to college to better myself
Can't do a thing, I ain't got no wealth

Wa - hay (3x)

Get a job, just to survive
stuck in a rut, I'm not alive
I'll not to stay it's cos I'm a punk
I'm not the only one getting drunk

Chorus ...

I'm to scared to walk down the street

I don't know just who I'll meet
I just want to go out tonight
I don't wanna get in a fight


He was well known as the kid
no one understood what he did
all the killings to him where fun
never known to run and run

William H. Bonny (4x)
Billy - we all known the name
Billy - he finished the game

There was a price upon his had
people wanted to see him dead
sleeping place under the sky
on the run not knowing why

Chorus ...

In him they only found hate
scum they just would'nt tolerate
twenty one men he had killed
stared at them with hate in his eyes

Chorus ...

He never killed from behind
liked t osee fear in there eyes
In history he sure played his part
he said he'd win it, from the start.

Chorus (2x)


You just want to mess around
don't ever think you will ever settle down
out with the lads all night
lots of drinks, maybe a fight

Did she really forget the pill
Forget, forget the pill (3x)
or did she simply trap you, you, you

start seeing girls here and there
doesn't matter when or where
one you see more than once
on the pill, that is the once

Chorus ...

In the girl you set your trust
then in one night of lust
A few months later she's being ill
then she says she forgot the pill

Chorus ...

Braindance - At Full VolumeTHEY JUDGE US

You leave school at 16
you try to find a job
nobody wants to employ you
cause of the way you dress
your hairs dyed and spikey
your cloths all ripped and torn
nobody wants to employ you
from the day that your born

Unemployed, unemployed - It's just no fun
Being unemployed (2x)

They judge you by your appearance
and not whats in your head
they say that you are trouble
so the people have been led
Bored and tired without a job
this is no life to live
They judge you by your appearance
and not whats in your head

Chorus ...

Lifes no fun on the dole (4x)
Lifes no fun on your own (4x)
They judge you by your appearance
and not whats in your head


I hate you - I hate your reasons
I hate you - It's a filthy excuse
I hate you - I hate your morals
I hate you - Your a sad case

I hate you (8x)

I hate you - I hate your answers
I hate you - Your sense of duty
I hate you - I hate your morals
I hate you - your a crying disgrace

Chorus (4x)

I hate you - I hate your morals
I hate you - And I hate your face
I hate you - your a fucking disgrace
I hate you - I hate your reasons

Chorus (8x)


With a tight black leather dress with looks your out to impress
Whips, chains and high heels at your feet I'll glady kneel

Tie me down - push me around
Bondage Mistress, Bondage Mistress
Whip me quick - make me lick
Bondage Mistress, Bondage Mistress
Spank me slow - tell me no

My hands tied and feet are bound new heights of pleasure I've found
You know I've the need to grovel, beg and pleed


To feel your nails in my skin the sharp tingle that they bring
Leather on skin, the sudden pain so much pleasure, I'll go insane

Chorus (2x)


Bred in a borstal at the age of 17
for stealing someones pretty green
holiday at her majesty's service
suicides easy with a life like this

Guilty til you're innocent (4x)

Goverments created a recession
took away all your possessions
left with a battered and bruised pride
a life of crime, a need to hide

Chorus ...

It's all become a catch 22
make a statement by what you do
picked on because you stand out
for the bullshit that they spout

Guilty til you are innocent ...


A bottle in the dark, smashed and rammed in you face
a kick in the balls, from a boot that leaves no trace
knifed in the back, from someone with no guts
why such bloody violence on the streets of Britain?

Violence in the air
Violence in the streets
Violence all around us
And violence in everybody you meet

The mugging of old ladies
kidnapping little kiddies
mindless bloody violence
on the streets on Britain

Tears that fall from their eyes
hear their cries


A hundred or more marched over the hill
to see a sight that brought a chill
to see the corpses piled twenty high
Oh why, oh why did those men die?
Too late, too late, to help their kin
and too strong & proud to break down & cry
lifeless corpses polute the air
blood & guts scattered everywhere

Death wins - killed in their sleep
death wins - all the children will weep
death wins - for what, for what
death wins - will it ever stop
death wins - will it ever stop
the death, the death, the death, the death, the death...

Death wins (2x)

Braindance - At Full Volume BRAINDANCE would like to say, Since the first pressing of "At full volume" we had a line up change. Robot (Drummer) decided to leave the Band and go his own way. We wish him well in whatever he does in the future.
We have a new drummer (Henry), he's been with us since Juli '94.
To you, we'd like to thank you showing faith in BRAINDANCE since the release of our fist 7 "Streets of violence E.P.".
A special thanks to WALZWERK RECORDS & Bob/Helen of 0i, - Cheers BRAINDANCE '95.

All music & lyrics by BRAINDANCE

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