Braindance - BrainiacBRAINIAC


You take a look around - what do you see?
Kids on the streets - living in poverty

They're streetkids - like you and me
They're streetkids - ready and mean
They're streetkids - in dirty jeans
They're streetkids - off estate like me

They leave school early - no real hopes of a job
Sign on the dotted line - see you again in two weeks

You prospects are bleak - you're labelled a yob
Why do keep on going - just to show your not weak

When you're down the pub - always getting into fights
Keep your head up son - and remember the hard work's done


So much crime on the streets
Too much poverty for all to see
People are living cold and poor
Living rough for us all to see

Cramped conditions and bad housing
Sewers they flow into the sea
Knocking down houses for money
Signing on the dole for you and me

Living in troubled streets
Living in troubled times
Nothing else for them to do
They've put us on the line

Where people are killed for no gain
I'm always walking home in the rain
Education levels are sinking
While hospitals keep closing down

Religious cults they keep on coming
Wlth hypothermia the old are dying
Our kids are savaged by stray dogs
And our football fans are labelled yobs

While mental are walking
'Cause the institutions have no money
Starving children living on the streets
The country's dying on its feet


I'm not a member of society
I ain't got no credit card facility
I'm so tired of being fucked around
Gotta be a better life to be found

I'm gonna, gonna, gonna rob a bank (x3)
And I'll take anything I want

Stick'em up and try nothing funny
Easy now - just give us the money
Put it in the bag - I want your cash
I want what society has

The sirens they wail and l'm on the run
Got a one way ticket to the sun
I'm joining Ronnie in Rio de Janiero
Live my life as a criminal hero


Betrayed all your best friends
Just to live out your lie
Don't try to tell me different
Because I know the reasons why

Never thought I'd see the day
Never thought I'd hear you say
Never thought that I could feel
So betrayed

You said you felt alone
Living in a world of your own
You had to go your own way
Every dog, you know, has its day

What happens when it all goes wrong
You'll be back to square one
A fucked-up head and a fucked-up life
Do you still think you were right?

Say you're living the highlife
Say your life is free of strife
But you life comes pretty easy
When you're looking after number one


You're an ugly git fur on your face
You probably teash, you're a crying dicgrace
Your breath it kills flies, your cords are green
Wearing Hush-Puppies you really make me scream

Mosschop, Mosschops - go on have a shave
Mosschop, Mosschops - get a razor blade
Mosschop, Mosschops - let your chin be free
Mosschop, Mosschops - go on do it for me

Last time I saw you were having a meal
Try using a napkin instead of your beard
Henry had a beard when he joined the band
Now he's cured, he's a Travolta fan


The potential victims had fell asleep
Awaiting their own death
They were hacked open then disembowelled
He tasted the red flesh

Tapping the vein, tapping the vein
Tapping the vein of fear - nightstalker

He had seen her through her window
And now that bitch was dead
He was bound to eat the meat
Said the voice living in his head

Police all out to rich the killer
He couldn't resist a smile
The sight of the open entrails
Made his body feel warm inside

He used bits of peoples' fingernails
To pick the flesh his teeth
He was trapped between his masters orders
And hell, hell itself


Take your first step
As the camera lights flash
Fall off the wall
You've took your first fall
Given lots of love
But how long will it last
Then it's off to school
You're just a child on your own

Nurtured in the womb
Let out into the world
Screaming at birth
You're so lonely and cold

You see all the faces
They're from all kinds of races
Keep your head down
And someday you may go places
Get your reports
And hope that you've done well
If you have failed
You know your life will be hell

Slap from your dad
'Cause he's been drinking too much
Slap from your mum
'Cause she doesn't have much
You get the blame
'Cause when you came things changed
Things they get worse
Forever beaten black and blue

Sit in the corner
Thinking you're all alone again
With a fractured arm
You tell the teacher you fell
Next it's your jaw
You need saving from such hell
You're scared to tell, you're scared to tell
But you wish they'd bum in hell

You're a child - all alone
You're a child - with no home


There's no escape for you and me
There's no escape can't you see
There's no escape there's just no way
There's no escape when living is pain

Living for nothing
Everyday's the same
Same face same place
Will it ever change?

There's no escape for the likes of us
There's no escape we'll never get a say
There's no escape when you're alive
There's no escape the day that you die

There's no escape for you and me
There's no escape can't you see
There's no escape when you're alive
There's no escape the day that you die


Every hour you sleep
Through the night he creeps
Case grasped in his hands
It's time to understand

The nightmare is real
Your home he's out to steal
He'll bleed you till you're dry
He'll steal cheat and lie

He's got a pin-striped suit
He says he's helping you
There's nothing you can do
Then money man's got you

They'll take your house away
For not being able to pay
Kick you onto the streets
Where your wife and your family pay

There's nothing he can do
That's all he'll say to you
There's nothing he can do
The money man's got you


When your living through the hard times
You must hold on to your dreams
And don't ever give up hoping
Even though sometimes it seems
That the hard times are so many
And the good times are so few
Cause the hope of better things
Is all we've got to see us through

You - you've gotta take it - step by step
You - you've gotta take it - step by step
You - you've gotta take it - step by step

So hold on to the dreams
We've been dreaming together
And we'll do our best to make things
Just a little bit better
And the hard times are so many
And the good times are so few
Cause the hope of better things
Is all you have to see you through

We'll build a land of hope for us all
We'1l walk talk we'll never fall
We're gonna listen to all the calls
We'll never let them see us fall
We'll build a land of hope
A land of hope, a land of hope for us all
We'll build a land of hope for us all
We'll build a land of hope, a land of hope
We'l1 walk tall and we'll never fall
We build a lead of hope for us all
We'll walk tall, we'll never fall
We'll never fall fall fall, we'll never fall
We'll build a land of hope for us all
You must hold on to your dreams


Smash the windows and kick down the doors
Steal what they can, the know the score
Cash and jewellery, they sell the best
Tellies and videos, yes, they come next

They'll steal what they can, they don't give a damn
Starting very young, there's no helping them

Strimmer wire to unlock the door
Stealing fast cars isn't a chore
Steaming round their council estates
Crash and burn so they leave no trace

Grab and punch then kick to the floor
Club to the head she's already half dead
Blood from her mouth as she cries for help
Stick in the boot just to finish the job

You know the law inside and out
They'll catch you, warn you and let you out
You know the law's weak because you're young
So you carry on crime just for fun


It's freezing day in the workhouse
And cold, bare walls are grey
With garments of rags on the children
Who'll never have time to play
For with dirty hands and faces
In a long and hungry line
The paupers sit at the tables
For this is the hour they dine

The workhouses are dead and gone now
Or so we would like to think

Just carry on with your dinners
Don't mind me in the least
Just think of the starving pauper
As you're sticking into your feast
Workhouses are dead and gone now
Or so we would like to think
Just think of the hardships the poor have
Then just sit down and think


He's a highly charged nutter with a gun in his hand
He's been pushed too far, gotta make a stand
With a loaded 44, he' s out on his own
Take a look at his eyes his fuse has blown

His a man on a mission been pushed too far
Come along at night steal, your brand new car
You get in his way he's gonna break your nose
Kick you in your head till your red blood shows

A knife and a gun and a stolen car
Futfiling a mission of havoc afar
He'll stitch up your nose with a butt of his head
Perverted desire to see your blood run red

A highly charged nutter with a gun in his hand
A hole in his head where there's no brain
Get in his sights you're gonna end up dead
One night after then a bullet in his head


Our forefathers were taught everything they knew
About killing and dying for those with the blue blood
They bravely marched into battle
Shedding their blood for a cause they believed in

For blue blood they all died
A widowed wife she cried
A grave without a name
In the royal killing game

The muskets were fired as the bodies were felled
Off came a limb with one slash of a sword
Whew were the leaders when all was so bleak?
They gave the orders then ran in defeat

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